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Support Groups

Genuine Me of South Jersey Inc., are developing supports groups design to deliver lively upkeep of healthy socialization and promote education. Each group member will assist the other members in a journey of self-discovery and help to uncover their genuine self. The groups will be small in nature. There will be a different group weekly depending on subject matter and demographics. Group topics include but are not limited to anger management, menopause, stress reduction, victims of bullying and all types of maltreatment, meditation and spirituality.

The cost of group per member is $50.00 a session (drop-Ins). Packages are available for the cost of $175 for 5 sessions per group member.

Addictions Counseling

Genuine Me of South Jersey Inc., provide the Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual (BPSS) model of addiction or "How do people get addicted. People may get addicted because they learned it from others. People may find recovery difficult because of the way they think about things. They may have very poor coping skills and turn to additive behaviors to cope. Addiction may occur as a means of coping with uncomfortable feelings. Addiction could also develop because of a personality defect or mental disorder. Addiction may be due to developmental immaturity.

Genuine Me of South Jersey Inc., will explore the psychological factors that affect addiction and recovery. The recovery process from addiction requires people to become motivated to make significant changes. Psychology is a science that studies what motivates people to behave in certain ways. Our therapists will assist the person improve the quality of their lives by learning new behaviors and changing old thought patterns. Also, we will guide people benefit from increasing their maturity, and improving their copings skills.

Cost ranges from $120 -$150 per session. Many insurances are accepted.

Drug testing is available upon request.

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